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09/19/2008 12:52

Tips for Building Your Business through Social Networking


Want to share this info on networking written by Smart Woman. You will find helpful tips that can help you in this world of social networking to build your business:


09/04/2008 21:54

Introducing Suzi Homemaker


Meet the talent and the Work-At-Home-Mom behind the Suzi Homemaker business. Suzi Crowder, mother of three young children, has an embroidery and sewing business that fashions the most scrumptious creations. Learn about her and her passions as she is this month’s featured member at the online social network of the Online Shopping Mall. Visit to see her complete bio and all Suzi Homemaker has to offer including the beautiful products and gifts featured in a slideshow.


To see all of Suzi Homemaker's products, visit her website by clicking on the banner below







09/04/2008 21:27

Secret Samplers~You Just Gotta Have Yours


Our friend and fellow WAHM, Ruby Ramberg, owns a few online businesses and does direct sales as well. Her latest venture is her Secret Samplers business which allows owners of direct sales business, small business and WAHM business to get their products into the hands of potential customers EVERY month, and at an affordable price. In the month of September, for just $5 you can have lifetime member ship at Secret Samplers. Visit the website at and see why you should get your Secret Samplers today.



The Ultimate Secrets Mommy Mall and The Ultimate Ad Spot

These sites were all created with WAHMs and small homed based businesses in mind. As a stay at home mom, Ruby understands the struggle of trying to run a home based business and raise kids. Therefore, she feels the need to help others with her knowledge of launching a successful busy also.

As a WAHM herself , she learned how important direct marketing is for growing your business. Getting your samples and products actually INTO consumers hands is CRUCIAL to growing your customer base and increasing your downline.

Think about your last purchase. Did you just go out and spend $50 on a perfume or cosmetic product just because you seen a commercial? Or did you actually look at the product, read the ingredients, smell the perfume? Most consumers want to know the product before spending a big amount on it. That is where we come in. Secret Samplers allows consumers to sample NAME brand products for a fraction of the price!




"Secret Samplers" was created by Ruby Ramberg. A proud mother of three very energetic boys and the owner and founder of The Best Kept Beauty Secrets and it's sister sites:

Read on to learn more about Ruby Ramberg and her businesses as well as how Secret Samplers can help you:



09/04/2008 18:34

MUIB Membership Drive Contest

Check out Moms United In Business

 Become a member now for free

There will be membership dues after September 14th

I'm a member and let me tell you the benefits are tremendous

Visit the website and see for yourself

Join today. You'll be sorry if you don't


Contest details at:





09/04/2008 16:56

Jewelry Giveaway at Finders Keepers



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09/04/2008 15:26

How To Gain Free Advertising


Our friend, fellow WAHM and very creative jewelry designer, Lisa of My Colorful Treasures, writes an articles giving very insightful and helpful tips about having a successful business and where to find free advertising.

Please click on the following url to see how you can get more traffic going to your business website by using free advertising:

About the Author:

Lisa, owner of My Colorful Treasures, is a WAHM & the very proud owner, creator, & designer of My Colorful Treasures! My Colorful Treasures offers a beautiful selection of custom handcrafted affordable trendy jewelry & hair clippies! Visit My Colorful Treasures at and her blog at You can get FREE SHIPPING & a 10% discount by using coupon code: FIRST10.





08/05/2008 10:47

Wish You were an Octopus?

I’ve been seeing a recurring theme addressed among the business mom groups that I belong to—the all encompassing battle with trying to stay organized and getting all the things you have to get done in order to balance family life and business life at home.


And as I sit to write this article, I’m reminded of an image of a mommy octopus whose tentacles are busy handling chores simultaneously—all in one swoosh she’s washing dishes, changing diapers, ironing clothes, cooking dinner, sweeping floors, putting laundry away, answering the phone, and maybe handing out a business card—Oh if it was all that simple…but since we don’t have an extra 3 pair of hands….


Here are 10 simple things to help keep us organized:


1-                 Write down your goals and your things to do list

2-                 Schedule time to do your business tasks/chores

3-                 Schedule different time slots to do your family tasks/chores (if you have children who are at the age to help with household tasks make sure you get them to help (your goal as a parent is to also make your kids self-sufficient and this is how it begins)

4-                 Make sure to put time in the schedule to promote your business

5-                 Keep a separate business list and family/household list

6-                 Have a business space that is separate and apart from the public family space

7-                 Stay tuned in to like-minded positive thinking business folks

8-                 Research and read on how to organize yourself—you have to be taught, it’s not automatic

9-                 Take the time to regroup: keep the things that work for you and stop doing what doesn’t work

10-               Pace yourself—take the time to relax when you need to so you can revitalize and do it all over again the next day, and the next week, and the next month, and so on and so on.


So just stay focused and don’t give up your dream.



Owner and Creator of The Online Shopping Boutique


08/03/2008 11:02

I slept in today! yeah!

You don't understand..I hardly ever get to do that. My 3 darling little 21-month old boys decided to wake up this morning at 2am and I had to get them backto sleep but nooooooooooo they don't fall asleep intheir cribs--is that normal?

I had to lift them up and take them to their playroom to sleep on the floor on their blanket. And so 2 (Ethan and Noah) fell back to sleep reasonably fast-- but as for Josh who fights his sleep--we were in for a battle. So finally at I don't know what time he drifts off to sleep. I stumble back to my bed...yes I left them sleeping on the floor. No way am I going to try to move them back to their cribs--it's 3 of them remember--and I'm exhausted, I might drop one.

Anyway I fell asleep right away and this morning I wake up and yipee!! they are already fed and playing and it's almost 10am in the I dreaming? This never happens...but sweet hubby allowed me to sleep and now I feel so energized. Sleep, how we take it for granted.

Well what will we do today? petting zoo? park? adventures to follow....


Owner and Creator of The Online Shopping Boutique


07/31/2008 20:50

More Networking Groups for WAHMs

So I finally have a few minutes to myself. It's almost 9pm and I just put the last baby down to sleep. Ok let me continue to tell you about 2 other networking groups: is a networking group of moms who blog. They blog about everything-the cat that threw up on....; the child who threw a phone in the toilet; the mom who lost her kid in a nano second and is frantically searching; and in between all that blogging about stuff all moms go through there is also time to blog about your business and network to grow your business. The members' personal and professional life will be featured and the mommy universe continues as usual...oh yeah my cat just threw up on the rug.

Visit this blogging networking group at And Oh yeah it's free to what are you waiting for?


The second group is Frugal WAHM Advertising. It's also free to join and their mission is to provide reasonable advertising for the WAHM business-oh Dads and crafters are welcome too. This network is a division of Frugal WAHM Talk Radio-so if you join you'll also get the chance to be featured on their radio show-your shot to become famous. Visit this group at


Gotta go clean up that mess now...yeah it's a cliche but like they say a woman's work is never done.



Owner & Creator of The Online Shopping Boutique




07/23/2008 22:39

Great online spots for work at home moms to network

I've been working at building a few online business for the past year and want to share some unique spots for work at home homes to be featured and to network:

Moms United In Business - Founded by Jenn Rogers, who is a great inspiration and passionate about helping moms who own their own business. A place with a lot of  business resources and advice, and where you can be supported both personally and professionally. Visit at


Mommy Perks - Owned and operated by Shara, this organization is a resource for all moms and also a great marketing and advertising resource for moms who own their own business. Visit at


Our Milk Money - A great place for networking for both moms and dads with work at home business. This community features work at home businesses on a national level. Visit at


I will feature more great networks very soon. Stay tuned. I'm off to fix dinner for my three baby boys.



Owner & Creator of The Online Shopping Boutique


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