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More Networking Groups for WAHMs

07/31/2008 20:50

So I finally have a few minutes to myself. It's almost 9pm and I just put the last baby down to sleep. Ok let me continue to tell you about 2 other networking groups: is a networking group of moms who blog. They blog about everything-the cat that threw up on....; the child who threw a phone in the toilet; the mom who lost her kid in a nano second and is frantically searching; and in between all that blogging about stuff all moms go through there is also time to blog about your business and network to grow your business. The members' personal and professional life will be featured and the mommy universe continues as usual...oh yeah my cat just threw up on the rug.

Visit this blogging networking group at And Oh yeah it's free to what are you waiting for?


The second group is Frugal WAHM Advertising. It's also free to join and their mission is to provide reasonable advertising for the WAHM business-oh Dads and crafters are welcome too. This network is a division of Frugal WAHM Talk Radio-so if you join you'll also get the chance to be featured on their radio show-your shot to become famous. Visit this group at


Gotta go clean up that mess now...yeah it's a cliche but like they say a woman's work is never done.



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