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I slept in today! yeah!

08/03/2008 11:02

You don't understand..I hardly ever get to do that. My 3 darling little 21-month old boys decided to wake up this morning at 2am and I had to get them backto sleep but nooooooooooo they don't fall asleep intheir cribs--is that normal?

I had to lift them up and take them to their playroom to sleep on the floor on their blanket. And so 2 (Ethan and Noah) fell back to sleep reasonably fast-- but as for Josh who fights his sleep--we were in for a battle. So finally at I don't know what time he drifts off to sleep. I stumble back to my bed...yes I left them sleeping on the floor. No way am I going to try to move them back to their cribs--it's 3 of them remember--and I'm exhausted, I might drop one.

Anyway I fell asleep right away and this morning I wake up and yipee!! they are already fed and playing and it's almost 10am in the I dreaming? This never happens...but sweet hubby allowed me to sleep and now I feel so energized. Sleep, how we take it for granted.

Well what will we do today? petting zoo? park? adventures to follow....


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