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09/19/2008 12:52

Tips for Building Your Business through Social Networking

  Want to share this info on networking written by Smart Woman. You will find helpful tips that can help you in this world of social networking to build your business:


09/04/2008 21:54

Introducing Suzi Homemaker

  Meet the talent and the Work-At-Home-Mom behind the Suzi Homemaker business. Suzi Crowder, mother of three young children, has an embroidery and sewing business that fashions the most scrumptious creations. Learn about her and her passions as she is this month’s featured member at the online...


09/04/2008 21:27

Secret Samplers~You Just Gotta Have Yours

  Our friend and fellow WAHM, Ruby Ramberg, owns a few online businesses and does direct sales as well. Her latest venture is her Secret Samplers business which allows owners of direct sales business, small business and WAHM business to get their products into the hands of potential customers...


09/04/2008 18:34

MUIB Membership Drive Contest

Check out Moms United In Business  Become a member now for free There will be membership dues after September 14th I'm a member and let me tell you the benefits are tremendous Visit the website and see for yourself Join today. You'll be sorry if you don't   Contest details...


09/04/2008 16:56

Jewelry Giveaway at Finders Keepers

    Summer Sale now on at Finders Keepers Jewelry Get 10% off first purchase or Earn Free Jewelry   Enter our Giveaway Contest for a chance to win a necklace or bracelet from Finders Keepers The winner will be chosen ramdomly on October 1, 2008 To enter, send us an email at...


09/04/2008 15:26

How To Gain Free Advertising

  Our friend, fellow WAHM and very creative jewelry designer, Lisa of My Colorful Treasures, writes an articles giving very insightful and helpful tips about having a successful business and where to find free advertising. Please click on the following url to see how you can get more...


08/05/2008 10:47

Wish You were an Octopus?

I’ve been seeing a recurring theme addressed among the business mom groups that I belong to—the all encompassing battle with trying to stay organized and getting all the things you have to get done in order to balance family life and business life at home.   And as I sit to write this article,...


08/03/2008 11:02

I slept in today! yeah!

You don't understand..I hardly ever get to do that. My 3 darling little 21-month old boys decided to wake up this morning at 2am and I had to get them backto sleep but nooooooooooo they don't fall asleep intheir cribs--is that normal? I had to lift them up and take them to their playroom to...


07/31/2008 20:50

More Networking Groups for WAHMs

So I finally have a few minutes to myself. It's almost 9pm and I just put the last baby down to sleep. Ok let me continue to tell you about 2 other networking groups: is a networking group of moms who blog. They blog about everything-the cat that threw up on....; the child who...


07/23/2008 22:40

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